The history and mission of Napra Forgó

The founders of Napra Forgó Kft., Tibor Héjj, the managing director and owner of Proactive Management Consulting, the group of businessmen addressed by him as well as Péter Orbán special education teacher were among the first in 2000 in Hungary to start their market-oriented social enterprise with the purpose to allow disadvantaged workers the integration into the labour market and employment in the open labour market. 

The aim of the owners was to operate the company in the market environment and to cover the operational costs from own turnover (own work). The social aim was to achieve the integrated employment rehabilitation of disadvantaged workers, as mentioned above, in an economically sustainable manner in a market environment.

The joint work has led to the establishment of the integration step and the work team model, which revolutionised the rehabilitation of disadvantaged workers in the labour market.

The essence of the integrative model rests on leasing disadvantaged workers, primarily young employees and/or employees with reduced work capacity to the partner companies, who have been primarily trained and are encouraged and supported with continuous mental health follow-up. Consequently, manpower leased from Napra Forgó highly exceeds the average leased manpower in loyalty, motivation, so there is a good chance for their integration into the lessee organisation. The model has already proven among market circumstances that innovative development is the real solution to the problems.

We offer our services to company managers who would like to save time and a lot of investigation by entrusting professionals specialised in the employment of disadvantaged workers with the answering of such organisational questions so they can save money even in the short-term. 

The services offered by Napra Forgó Kft.

  1. Providing human capacity   see more ...

  2. Labour recruitment for disadvantaged job seekeer    see more ...

  3. Special HR-services  see more...

  4. Integrative manpower leasing see more...

  5. Call Center  see more...

  6. Archiving of documents see more...

Why to choose Napra Forgó?

Because our company…

  • has been present in the area of flexible labour market services for 15 years. 
  • makes the manpower available to its contracted partners for a trial without significant material risk.
  • we are among the companies with the highest experience with our integrative labour market services. We were among the first in Hungary to recognize the importance of the integration of persons with reduced work capacity into the labour market and to apply it in the practice. 
  • Our models (both rehabilitation and business) subscribed also by the profession were developed by our internationally awarded professionals. We carry out our activities at several companies in a work team, consequently we create inclusive workplaces, thus giving the chance to workers with reduced work capacity to transit into the open labour market.

Because our employees….

  • implement new problem-solving skills at the company.
  • do their job with greater humility.
  • Due to their specific situation, work is greater pleasure and greater challenge to them, accordingly, in many cases they work more precisely and more attentively.
  • they change jobs in fewer cases, if they get the right type of job that makes best use of their skills and educational level.
  • with their presence foster a good team spirit and tolerance, consequently, other workers become more inclusive, too.
  • highly evaluate and carry out more precisely undervalued tasks.
  • are loyal and do their job with a higher tolerance of monotony than the average. Accuracy is the main pillar of data archiving in order to serve our customers in an appropriate quality.
  • Archiving is a useful, but time-consuming task. We offer cost-efficient solutions tailor-made to your company. 

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